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Theatro exists to provide retail employees with mission-critical information at the speed of thought. With Theatro, the mobile revolution for retail is real – without the distraction, hassle and expense of tablets or smartphones.

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Your Associates Will Thank You.

Theatro removes the noise from your associates’ day with a proven 83% reduction in ear chatter. They only hear communications that are meant specifically for them.

The result? Associates are better connected to corporate and their overall mission. Transform all your hourly employees into top performers through improved communications and real-time access to the information they need, exactly when they need it.

Supercharge Your Business and Win.

Our SaaS solution improves enterprise communications and has proven to save 12% of total associate time. That pays off substantially in saved labor and faster task completion. It also translates to speedier customer service and happier customers. Ninety-one percent of associates agree that Theatro helps them serve customers better.

Improve Your Omnichannel Execution

No Hardware to Buy.
No Screens to Distract.

Screen-based devices like smartphones or tablets are expensive and prone to theft. They’re also extremely distracting, which ultimately leads to lower worker productivity. Theatro’s Communicator is provided at no cost as part of our SaaS solution. The Communicator works discreetly through an earpiece allowing employees to easily interact with each other and with customers while being heads-up and hands-free.

“Theatro is the biggest game changer I’ve seen in my 20+ years of retail experience. I can’t imagine everyone won’t be on them within a few short years.”

-Craig Newburn,
Divisional Vice President – Cabela’s

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