A Communication Solution That Transcends Industries

Theatro's Intelligent Assistant and voice-controlled mobile platform connects entire workforces in retail, hospitality, and warehousing that have previously been disconnected and hard to reach.

Industry Solutions

Unlock Productivity in Hospitality

The hospitality industry is a massive economic engine within the U.S., and is one of the top employers of hourly workers. For the most part, these hourly workers have been getting by with using two-way radios, which were invented in 1937. It’s time this massive workforce was upgraded to Theatro’s workforce communication solution, one that not only allows employees to meet the needs of connected customers, but it also enables employees to be more productive, “heads up and hands free.”

Retail's Communication Solution

Theatro delivers results for tens of thousands of retail employees every day. In less than two years, our solution has been incorporated in four of the top 10 U.S. retailers. There are dozens of use cases that Theatro can address, from improving speed of service at the front end to driving personalized and engaging experiences in-aisle. We connect your entire workforce, especially those hourly workers who have been left behind by the mobile revolution.

Casino & Resort All-In With Theatro

The Casino & Resort industry represents one of the top employers of hourly workers. For the most part, these hourly workers have been getting by using legacy communications systems including antiquated broadcast radio and paging technology that is disruptive. Theatro’s conversational computing platform, voice-controlled computer, and workforce optimized apps enable operators to deliver a new level of engagement that’s personalized and seamless, while advancing the greatest experience for team members and guests alike.

Warehouses Thrive On Theatro

Companies that use Theatro’s communication solution in their fulfillment centers have experienced improved quality results and fulfillment accuracy. Team members are able to reach out to trainers or QA managers in real-time to ask questions and get the help they need – immediately. That enables faster operations and significantly improved turnaround time. Improved communications can supercharge your fulfillment and warehouse operations.

Transforming Retail Operations for the Holiday Season and Beyond

Hear ideas from Retail Operation experts from Theatro, Cisco and Bed, Bath & Beyond