The Container Store Gets Organized with Theatro

“I would absolutely recommend Theatro to others and frankly I would question [retail] executive leaders that are not seriously considering them.”

“Our in-store challenges used to revolve around the way our employees communicated with each other. Because our stores are fairly large, 25,000 square feet on average, it was difficult to keep up with where everyone was at any given time. We had no visibility into who’s engaged with a customer and who’s available. These are all issues that, up until we had the Theatro solution, we had to use either walkie talkies, or overhead paging. Now with Theatro, employees are able to know within a moment’s notice where everyone is, to connect directly with that one person that they’re trying to reach and most importantly to take care of customers more quickly and effectively.

When customers have questions or when employees have questions, the reality used to be that they had to go find someone or go find a computer terminal, or potentially pull out a handheld device that they have to log into and then navigate to the information. Theatro allows that information to be in their ear, right when they need it.

The power of Theatro is that it’s a ‘heads up’ technology that employees use while they are working on the sales floor and looking and seeing what’s going on. Theatro gives employees access to systems without having to use screens.

Our management team is thrilled with the results because they see better communication and the impact of employees having access to information more quickly. The reporting and the analytics that are on top of that allow them to make better decisions about scheduling.

When you look at the retail industry in the future, Theatro is going to have a gigantic impact on it. You’re going to see an adoption rate that’s incredibly quick because of the fact that this empowers employees and allows them to get more done with more customers more quickly.”

– John Thrailkill, EVP of IT and Business Development, The Container Store

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