Cabela’s Hunts Profit with Theatro

“Theatro is the biggest game changer I’ve seen in my 20+ years of retail experience. I can’t imagine everyone won’t be on them within a few short years.”

“Cabela’s uses Theatro as our main communication platform across all our stores. We’ve found that our teams are move connected, more productive and more accountable.

Theatro has helped us create a ‘selling culture.’ Every associate has access to the collective knowledge of their entire workforce in their ear, so every single outfitter is effectively a product expert.

Since implementing Theatro in our stores, our managers now have the capability to reassign labor in real-time. They can operate their stores with greater intelligence and efficiency and provide customers with the agile, on-demand associate that today’s modern retail environment requires.

With floor coverage optimized in real time, our customer service is at an entirely new level. They don’t have to ‘walk to the back’ to check or pull inventory, conduct a price check, or request floor support.

We’re not on the defensive like everyone else, looking over our shoulder to see what’s coming next from Amazon. We feel like we’re on the cutting edge and have the freedom to experiment and innovate new and better ways to compete.”

-Craig Newburn, Divisional Vice President, Cabela’s

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