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Steps for success

Prove the value

Start small and experience the benefits of a full connected frontline team. We’ll provide the tools and guide you every step of the way.

Connect everyone

Deploy Theatro’s Mobile Communication Platform, workforce-optimized apps and Theatro Communicators to connect your entire enterprise.

Win as one team

Tap into your team’s full potential to optimize your entire operation and seize opportunities to drive ongoing innovation to meet evolving market demands.

Steps for success

Start small and experience the benefits of a connected team in your stores. We’ll provide the tools and guide you every step of the way.

Implement Theatro’s Mobile Collaboration Platform and deploy workforce-optimized apps and Theatro communicators to connect every worker, automate processes and deliver seamless service.

Tap into your team’s full potential to optimize your entire operation and make everyone a winner.

Overcoming Retail’s Greatest Challenges

At the heart of Theatro's innovation lies the mission to organize frontline operations and optimize customer experiences. Giving every team member access to the information they need for success, even on their very first day. By capitalizing on the power of voice, Theatro eliminates the need for cumbersome devices.

#1 in Technology Innovation 

For Tier 1 Retailers

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Create a High-Performing Store

Theatro's latest features provide fast and knowledgeable service on demand, for frontline teams.

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Modernize Your Frontline


Toss out your outdated walkie-talkies and expensive handheld devices that hinder your team’s performance. In today’s fast-paced retail landscape, effective communication is the key to success. 

Theatro changes the game by offering a practical collaboration platform that enables retailers to embrace change and react with agility to meet market demands and customer expectations.


Streamline Your

Tedious manual processes are a thing of the past, as automation takes the stage. Provide better, faster customer service with automated closed-loop requests for assistance.

Increase engagement and response times with powerful workflows designed to help team’s optimal performance, capture customer needs and reward outstanding service. 

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The Power of

Theatro’s "Heads Up & Hands-Free" solution connects everyone from HQ to the Frontline as OneTeam. Don't let outdated communication tools hold you back.

Connect with Theatro's in-ear voice technology and revolutionize the way your frontline store associates work. With the power of voice, our suite of Workforce Optimized Voice Apps allows users to access information hands free.

How Theatro Transforms Service

We've created the world's first voice-controlled Mobile Communication Platform for brick-and-mortar retail, hospitality, casinos, C-Stores, and more.

You now have the power of OneTeam across your organization. Say goodbye to communication roadblocks!

 Run Your Operations

Optimize Operation Performance with powerful automation and streamlined process flows.

Delight Your Customers

Create and Enhance customer experiences that will help you unlock competitive advantages.

Engage Your Frontline

Drive employee engagement like never before to improve productivity and reduce turnover.

Trusted by the world’s most notable brands

Transforming the Retail Landscape

Experiences from satisfied customers.

The Results: Ringing Up the Positive Impact

After evaluating several different technologies, including walkie talkies and other mobile apps, retailers need a solution that connects the entire team. Theatro has the most efficient offering to optimize communications and team member engagement by:

Eliminating overhead paging, Theatro delivers only messages that are relevant to each associate while also enabling a better customer experience.

Theatro’s Content Distribution Manager (CDM) provides leadership with the ability to send voice messages to the frontline that they hear when logging on to the system for their shift.

The platform’s closed-loop Request and Respond applications enables quick access to managers and one another to support customer requests.

Allows associates to easily check inventory through a simple voice command which improves service efficiency.

Leveraging our platform