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A voice-powered communication solution to connect your team

Overcoming communication roadblocks

It's impossible to consistently communicate with Frontline teams who lack mobile access or even a company email address. What you need is a voice-powered mobile communication solution that fully connects everyone across your organization.

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Voice apps to help you connect your team and achieve your business goals

We work with every customer to curate the perfect solution of Essential, Advanced or Custom Voice Apps to help them meet their operational and communication needs. As part of our Innovation Program, trying new apps or developing a new one from scratch enables a risk-free means to introduce new solutions for your Frontline team. The following list of Voice Apps are only the tip of the iceberg.

Real-time Collaboration

Enable team members to easily collaborate with other team members with one-to-one or group communications.

Expert Groups

Access expert knowledge in-store, from a neighboring store or in a centralized location to answer customer questions.

Locate Team Members

Find just who you need right when you need them no matter where they are currently stationed.

OMNI & Curbside

Run an efficient, effective and integrated curbside or in-store pick-up function to deliver online orders directly to customers.

Sales & Loyalty Updates

Automate and send real-time sales or loyalty program stats to help teams reach their goals.

Team Huddle

Allow managers to record daily huddles to ensure every team member hears important updates regardless of when their shift begins.

Employee Recognition

Celebrate the performance and milestones of store team members in ways that make a difference.

Task Lists


Allow managers to identify and assign tasks or activities throughout the day, and track them in a Task Management System or store portal.

Loss Prevention

Use the store team as an effective extension of the LP team’s game plan to prevent or reduce shrink.

Inventory & Price Checks

Provide customers with instant pricing or availability information for their store or a neighboring store without leaving the customer.

Request & Response

Use closed-loop automation to ensure requests for backup or manager assistance are met by the right people.


Increase team member effectiveness by providing them unlimited access to the latest training information while on the store floor

Connecting your Frontline teams with voice-powered communication solutions.

Our revolutionary voice-powered communication solution gives your Frontline teams real-time access to each other, experts, managers and critical enterprise systems. No one is left out of the loop, and everyone is empowered to deliver game-changing service... even on their very first day.

With a voice-powered solution

Consistent and effective employee collaboration and communication

Increased customer satisfaction, trust, and retention rates

Accelerated omnichannel development, growth, and execution

Without a voice-powered solution

Fragmented communication and disjointed workflows

Inconsistent customer experience and slower service capabilities

Constrained omnichannel execution that erodes productivity and service

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