The Communicator

Purpose-Built to Meet Your Demand

Meet our Communicator. This voice-controlled computer intelligently connects your entire frontline workforce through a simple conversational interface, giving everyone access to the information they need to do their job well … even on day 1. And the best part, the Communicator is included as part of our end-to-end ‘as-a-service’ mobile collaboration platform at no cost to you.

Theatro | Communicator

Connecting Your Entire Frontline

Our Communicators help enterprises do more with less. Plus, they eliminate the endless chatter from walkie-talkies that gets tuned out by frontline team members anyway. By equipping everyone on duty with their own Communicator, teams can focus their attention on what really matters — delivering seamless service to meet ever-evolving customer demands.

Hardware Management

Say goodbye to hardware management. Our team proactively manages and monitors system health and device performance to ensure each Communicator is running flawlessly. If one breaks or goes missing, our team will ship a replacement — no questions asked or actions from you required.

Automatic Upgrades

Our team works around the clock, constantly adding new system capabilities and enhanced functionalities to help team members stay engaged and work efficiently. Plus, we deliver upgrades to your Communicators automatically, freeing IT resources to support your customers. 

Discreet Design

Put an end to noisy and irrelevant chatter from heavy two-way radios. Coming in at just 1.5 ounces, the Theatro Communicator is discreet, durable, and it has a battery that lasts up to 8 hours. All team members need to do is clip on a Communicator and get connected.

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