Manager App

Initiate Real-Time Communications

Our Manager’s Mobile App for smartphones enables Field and District Leadership to initiate real-time communications to groups or individuals while on the go. Whether leaders need to reach team members on-site, answer questions, monitor productivity or disseminate critical information, they can keep teams and individuals “in the know” at any time and from anywhere. 

Everyone is Connected. Everyone is Reachable.

Say goodbye to slow email updates and bulletin board announcements that often get missed. With Theatro’s Manager App, leaders gain a communication tool that enables direct access to their teams to keep everyone informed, engaged and connected at any time and from anywhere. Using the Manager App’s simple interface, leaders can break down communication barriers by sending important information directly to the ears of their frontline teams, ensuring team members always have the information they need to do their job well. 

Informed Decisions

Give leaders real-time insights into never-before-seen metrics to gauge employee performance and productivity, enabling them to make informed decisions at all times.

Engaged Service

Drive team member engagement like never before. Leaders can empower team members to deliver positive service experiences and build brand loyalty right from the app.

Connected Teams

Break down communication barriers between leaders and team members in real-time, giving leadership direct access to provide critical updates regardless of location. 

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