Taking Care of Customers at Walgreens

“There is something magical that happens when you hear someone’s voice walking through something.”

“With a company of our size and our scale you always worry about the ability to truly deploy in a way that is smooth and is well-adopted. We were deploying as much as 150 stores a week. There were really little to no IT issues in terms of setting up the technology to actually work in the stores. What I was most excited about was the level of adoption we saw very quickly. It was probably as smooth a deployment as I’ve ever had in my 26 years with Walgreens.

The incremental benefit is when you really start talking about employee engagement, improved customer experience, and really operational execution. There is something magical that happens when you hear somebody’s voice really walking through something or telling you something.

I think there’s just a tremendous amount of opportunity around how Theatro can be leveraged when you really have it deployed at scale.”

– Michael Handal, Senior Director of Operations, Walgreens

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