Neiman Marcus Dazzles with Theatro

“Our customers have high expectations of phenomenal customer experience when they walk into Neiman’s and Theatro helps us truly deliver on their expectation.”

“Theatro offers a new communication platform that allows for one-to-one communication that’s targeted to an individual or a group. Associates can be more productive in-aisle. They don’t have to walk to different locations to get answers and therefore can spend more time with customers on the floor, where it matters the most.

We’ve been very happy with Theatro in our stores. The biggest improvement we’ve had is communication with each other. One of the best things that we’re able to do is that when we open a new account it has really improved the number of new accounts that we open. When an associate opens a new account they’ll inform their manager and the manager will do a real-time announcement to the entire store. It really encourages and motivates associates to open more new accounts. Since implementing Theatro, we’ve consistently improved the number of customer accounts added on a day-to-day basis.

If the fitting room associate is in need of a different size for a customer, they can call a floor associate to bring it or quickly speak to the customer’s sales associate to let them know the customer needs help. It enables excellent customer service in the fitting rooms.

In the first day or two using Theatro we saved over $3,500 in loss prevention alone and that’s happened many times since. Theatro enables us to have eyes everyone and communicate faster during a theft situation.

Theatro is a seamless solution that incredibly easy to use. We love our Theatro!”

– Scott Emmons, Former Head of Neiman Marcus Innovation Lab

Sound Good?