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Neiman Marcus Dazzles with Theatro

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"Our customers have high expectations of phenomenal customer experience when they walk into Neiman’s and Theatro helps us truly deliver on their expectation.”

- Scott Emmons, Former Head of Neiman Marcus Innovation Lab

Neiman Marcus streamlines operations and takes its customer experience to the next level with Theatro

Luxury fashion retailer Neiman Marcus rolled out Theatro’s innovative voice-controlled wearables as-a-service to streamline operations, heighten customer service, and improve staff efficiency in its stores.

Understanding that efficient communication is critical to consistent retail operational execution, Neiman Marcus Last Call was presented with a solution to streamline communications across the organization, improve day-to-day in-store operations, and foster teamwork.

"Using Theatro’s voice-powered solution has allowed us to increase our in-store productivity and execution. The solution has significantly streamlined store communication and improved our customer service. In addition to reducing time spent communicating between associates, we are also using the solution to improve the in-store experience for customers by locating desired products quickly and efficiently."
- Kristi Allison, Vice President of Retail Performance & Operations, Neiman Marcus Group

"Theatro is honored to be chosen by Neiman Marcus to improve customer experience and drive operational excellence in-stores. Customer expectations of retail stores are changing rapidly, and shoppers today expect an engaging environment, knowledgeable associates, and quick, convenient service. In conjunction with Theatro, Neiman Marcus is able to fulfill its commitment to empower their employees with real-time knowledge to meet, and exceed, customer service expectations gives them a competitive advantage with today's technology-enabled consumer." - Chris Todd, CEO, Theatro

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