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Bass Pro & Cabela’s Hunt Profit with Theatro

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“Theatro is the biggest game changer I’ve seen in my 20+ years of retail experience."

— Craig Newburn, Former EVP & COO, Cabela’s

Bass Pro and Cabela’s equip Outfitters with powerful IoT wearables to overcome in-store communication challenges and drive team member engagement

Bass Pro and Cabela’s, North America’s premier destinations for outdoor goods, partnered with Theatro to digitally transform their workforce across locations. Theatro’s Mobile Communication Platform enables Bass Pro and Cabela’s employees to use voice-controlled IoT wearables to provide incredible customer experiences and improve store operations throughout the chain.

Understanding that efficient communication is critical to consistent retail operation execution, Bass Pro and Cabela’s were looking for a wearables solution to replace two-way radios to streamline communications across the organization, improve day-to-day manual processes and enable team-wide collaboration.

With Theatro, Bass Pro and Cabela’s found a robust solution that solves their in-store communication challenges. It includes a suite of customizable Voice Apps that integrate with critical backend systems for employee location and inventory information, request and response functions to measure and improve customer service, and analytics to gain insight into employee performance.

“We selected Theatro because it provides our employees with a simple to use solution for communicating with each other as well as access critical, in-the-moment information from store management, product experts, HQ teams and stores systems to quickly answer customer questions. Also, the solution allows our management team to be connected to our Outfitters in a more meaningful and actionable way. This helps us finetune our operations processes and maximize labor savings."
- Micheal Copland, Former EVP & COO, Cabela’s

“Theatro is very excited to be chosen by Bass Pro and Cabela’s for an extensive partnership. “We strongly believe that store employees should be “heads up & hands-free” when engaging with customers. Better enabling those employees in the store can be a huge differentiator for retailers as they look to meet the needs of the mobile-enabled customer of the future. Innovative retailers like Bass Pro and Cabela’s recognize the importance of providing their store employees with the ability to instantly access useful information to deliver an outstanding customer experience.” - Chris Todd, CEO, Theatro

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