Hello World.

Meet our Communicator. We purpose-built this voice controlled computer to meet the demands of your hourly workforce. Just think of The Communicator like you do your smartphone, just without the touch interface of the screen. Instead, conversations are the interface

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Free Hardware
For Real

We allocate a Communicator to every employee who is working that shift. Don’t worry about carving out CapEx budget to pay for it….we include it for free as part of our SaaS solution.


Break-FixSay Goodbye to Hardware Management. Yes you heard right. Our business model is to proactively manage our hardware as part of our service agreement. We closely monitor your communicator’s health and see when they go missing or break. We then immediately ship replacement Communicators to you- no questions asked and no action-required on your part.

We also monitor our cloud software to ensure speech recognition and other platform services are running flawlessly. Now your IT teams can stop focusing on managing systems and devices, and instead shift to supporting customers.

Free Upgrades and No Obsolescence Risk

Free UpgradesWe work around the clock, constantly adding new system capabilities and enhanced functionality. As part of our service agreement you receive every new upgrade at no additional cost.

We also maintain responsibility for the hardware and replace your Communicators as they age. You have no risk of hardware obsolescence because we assume full responsibility for maintaining and innovating the best mobile communication solution on the market!

Light as a Feather

Light as a FeatherYour team no longer has to deal with the weight of a two-way radio pulling on their clothing. Coming in at 1.5 ounces, The Communicator is light, durable, and has a battery that lasts up to 8 hours. Throw away your tablet shoulder bags… just clip on The Communicator and get connected.