Voice Comes to the Sales Floor

>> Voice Comes to the Sales Floor

Theatro, developers of voice-controlled wearables for hourly workers, has partnered with CloudTags to develop voice-assisted selling capabilities for retail sales associates. The app covertly delivers guidance in the ear of sales associates via Theatro’s wearable Communicator to help them upsell, cross-sell, or recommend alternate products. In addition, Theatro and CloudTags will unveil a voice-directed content distribution application for retail. This solution enables associates to display product content on their tablets or digital displays in the store using their voice. Theatro’s heads-up and hands-free platform also connects associates to teammates and critical enterprise systems, such as pricing and inventory management, from anywhere in the store.

Read article "Sound Bytes" on page 14 of Speech Technology Magazine: Summer 2017 edition

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Thursday, July 6, 2017
Speech Technology Magazine: Summer 2017 Edition
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