We're doing something no one has ever done before, and every day brings new innovations, new challenges, and new opportunities. We promise: you'll never be bored.
More than that, though, we offer the chance to really make your mark on something, to be able to look back and say: "I did that. I made things happen." We're looking for talented, self-motivated people from engineering, big data, cloud, technical support, analytics, marketing, sales, and retail backgrounds. Interested in working with us? Send your resume to careers@theatro.com.
Sr. Manager of Customer Support and Services
  • Develops, implements and maintains policies and procedures for repeatable, predictable delivery of ongoing services and new technologies.
  • Works with in-house engineering teams to provide support team with tools, training and knowledge to effectively support customers at a superior level.
  • Builds close effective working relationships with peer technology teams and colleagues at all levels.
  • Lead the continuous evolution and scale of the support organization to align with customer requirements.
  • Communicate advanced levels of technical information directly to customers in a clear and concise manner.

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Data Scientist
Love Data and know how to make sense of data and translate it into actionable insights? Then Theatro could be the place for you. Theatro is a Dallas-based start-up technology company pioneering the use of voice-controlled wearable computers for hourly retail workers, enabling “Heads Up and Hands Free” customer interactions. Theatro has revolutionized in-store mobility with a small, 1 ½oz Wi-Fi wearable computer enabled with hands-free voice-driven apps. At the core of the platform is Theatro’s Communication Suite that empowers associates and HQ teams with the ability to communicate instantly with any employee, in any store, from anywhere! We’re venture backed and have an impressive list of top tier retailers on our roster.
  • Discover and derive insights from large data sets of structured and semi-structured data
  • Collaborate with Business teams and executive teams to develop novel, practical, and operationalized analytics that drive explicit business value at the customer level
  • Combine strengths in data management, analysis, applied statistics, and visualization capabilities
  • Develop data analysis solutions based on descriptive analyses and predictive models
  • Collaborate with marketing, service, development, and engineering teams to ensure that requirements for integration, security, data quality and cross-functional usage are addressed


  • 3+ years' experience in Statistical programming tools like R, Python Required & Spark preferred
  • 3+ years' experience in Data mining like SQL Required
  • Experience in Regular use of data with high-volume (1TB+) & high-dimensionality (50+ variables per schema) required
  • Education background: MS or PhD in Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, or Economics required
  • Ability to communicate complex quantitative analysis in a clear, precise, and actionable manner
  • Experience in Visualization tools like Tableau Required
  • Ability to formulate and plan analytic solutions, logically develop project milestones, and autonomously manage work to deliver against milestone commitments
  • Work independently and in a team environment in order to achieve personal and team goals and complete assignments within established time frames.

To apply, please email careers@theatro.com.

You’re the best there is at what you do, and what you do best is secure new business. You like to make things happen, and make them happen fast—and you want the people you work with to be the same way. A description of your ideal working environment includes the words “fast-paced” “collaborative” and “action-oriented.” You love to travel. In fact, you travel for work all the time.
  • Managing sales campaigns from prospect to close
  • Identifying targets in Retail and Hospitality and securing meetings with the right audience
  • Overcoming objections to get to the next step with every interaction
  • Teaching prospects about our implementation cycle
  • Sharing the compelling benefits we provide with confidence and conviction
What else should I know?
Our headquarters is based near Dallas, Texas, but we’re recruiting people who live near any major airport in the US. Like we said: travel. It’ll happen. A lot. A large part of your compensation will be based on your success in winning business for Theatro.
You’re comfortable with technical information. In fact, at least three of your friends and relatives have texted you this week asking you to fix their computer. If you were asked to describe yourself, you’d use words like “analytical” “patient” “solution-oriented” and “secretly Batman.”
  • Providing technical information solutions and first-level technical information systems support to the Theatro end user
  • Resolving moderately complex technical issues
  • Creating regular system health reports
  • Escalating issues when appropriate to other team members
  • Monitoring store activity in real time, and proactively deciding on issue resolutions
  • Gather data to determine next steps by analyzing symptoms and identifying underlying problems
  • You should be able to handle 80% of user issues before escalating to the next tier.
Your friends text you whenever they need to fix their website, jailbreak their phone, or reconfigure their router—but you’re also invited to every party and social event. When you worked in IT, everyone who didn’t had you on speed dial. Problem solving and customer service come naturally to you.
You’ll act as the primary onsite technical contact for our clients, providing visibility, advanced technical support, and problem resolution.
  • Interface with the client’s key technical teams to provide installation, commissioning, scheduled and emergency services on Theatro systems
  • Provide on-site technical support solutions for customer service delivery and availability
  • Troubleshoot systems for existing customers, report systems bugs, and document customer feedback
  • Provide support to our partner’s survey/install team
  • Collaborate with Support, Development, and Management daily to accomplish goals
  • Organize, plan, and prioritize customer installation schedules
  • Design and guide the implementation of comprehensive, best-in-class wireless communications networks, especially in retail environments
  • Keep updated of new technology offerings and best practices in the wireless arena
  • Provide wireless consulting and design services to internal corporate customers and Theatro business partners and vendors
  • Manage ongoing Wi-Fi customer projects 
  • Conduct proof of concepts and benchmark testing
  • Perform technical presentations for customers, partners, and prospects
  • Work with the Development team to bring new products and technologies to the retail and hospitality industries